Setup Guide for GitHub Enterprise App

Step 1: Setup GitHub Enterprise as OAuth Provider

  • Login to GitHub Enterprise : Go to Github Enterprise and login with your account. Click on settings.
  • github-1-1
  • Create Organization: Select Organizations from Personal Settings.
  • github-enter-2.png
    • Click on New organization and create organization by entering.
    •       1) organization name
            2) Billing email
            3) choose your plan
            4) terms and conditions - enter a business name

    • click on create organization.
    github-enter-3.png github-enter-5.png
  • Create OAuth app: Click on Settings. Select your Organization.
  • github-enter-4 github-enter-6
    • Click on Settings.
    • github-enter-7
    • Select OAuth Apps from Developer settings.
    • github-enter-8
    • Click on New OAuth App.
    • github-enter-9
  • Enter app credentials : Enter app name, plugin homepage URL. Copy callback URL from the plugin and paste it under Authorized callback URLfield.
  • github-enter-10
  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret.
  • github-enter-11