Setup Guide for Gluu Server

Step 1: Setup Gluu Server as OAuth Provider

  • Login to your Gluu Server.
  • Select OpenID Connect > Clients from the left-hand side menu and click on Add Client.
  • gluu-server-add-client
  • Configure Standard Settings using below details.
  • Client Name: Enter the client application name e.g. JIRA
    Authentication method for the Token Endpoint: Select client_secret_post from the list.
    Redirect Login URL: Enter Callback URL provided in the plugin under the Configure OAuth tab.
    e.g. <Base_URL>/plugins/servlet/oauth/callback
    Scopes: Select openid, profile and email from the list.
    Response Type: Select code, token and id_token.
    Grant Type: Select authorization_code from the list.
    Post Logout Redirect URIs: Enter URL where you want to redirect after Logout. e.g. JIRA Base URL.
  • Once all the settings are done click on Update to save your changes.
  • Copy generated Client ID and Secret.
  • Switch to Advanced Settings for configuring Front Channel Logout URL. Enter logout URL as <Base_URL>/plugins/servlet/oauth/logout
  • gluu-server-front-channel-logout
  • Click on Update to reflect your settings.
  • Now, we need to setup Front Channel Logout URL for oxTrust. Browse to OpenID Connect > Clients and select oxTrust Admin GUI from the clients list.
  • gluu-server-set-logout-for-oxtrust
  • Go to Advanced Setting section and configure Front Channel Logout URL as <Base_URL>/plugins/servlet/oauth/logout.

      Note: The Front Channel Logout URL will be the same for your JIRA app and oxTrust.