Setup Guide for Keycloak App

Step 1: Setup Keycloak as OAuth Provider

  • Create openid client : Click on the Clients and choose create to create a new client. Enter client id and select client protocol openid-connect and select Save.
  • keycloak1
  • Change Access type: After client is created change its access type to confidential.
  • keycloak2
  • Enter Valid Redirect URIs :
    • Copy callback URL from plugin and insert here. Ex -- https://<domain-name>/oauth/callback
    • Then click on + and enter home page URL.
    • Click on SAVE.
    • keycloak-3
  • Keycloak Group Mapper: Now to get group details we need to perform its client mapping with group membership else group details will not be fetched. So in client select Mappers and then click on create. Select mapper type Group Membership and enter name and token claim-name i.e the attribute name corresponding which groups will be fetched. Turn Off full group path else group mapping will fail. Click on save.
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  • Realm name: You need a realm name when you set up Keycloak as an OAuth provider, kindly copy it.
  • realm-keycloak
  • Get Client Secret: To get Client Secret Navigate to Clients, select Client Id and navigate to the Credentials tab.
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