Setup Guide for Meetup App

Step 1: Setup Meetup as OAuth Provider

  • Login to Meetup : Go to Meetup API and login to your account.
  • Click on OAuth Consumers tab.
  • meetup-1
  • Create application : Click on "Create New Consumer" or "Create one now".
  • meetup-2
  • Consumer name : Name of your Meetupapp.
  • Redirect URI :Copy Callback URL from plugin.
  • Check "Yes, I agree" checkbox for Platform Terms of Service and click on "Register Consumer".
  • NOTE: all the details on the Register OAuth Consumer page are mandatory and need to be filled before clicking on Register Consumer

  • Once App is created successfully, you'll see the key and secret of the app.
  • Get Client ID and Client Secret : key is Client ID and secret is client secret.
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