Oracle Enterprise Manager as Idp for WordPress

WordPress SAML SP Single Sign-On plugin gives the ability to enable SAML Single Sign-On for your WordPress sites. Our plugin is compatible with all the SAML compliant Identity providers. Here we will go through a step-by-step guide to configure SSO between WordPress site and Oracle Enterprise Manager by considering Oracle Enterprise Manager as Idp.

miniorange img Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

To configure Oracle Enterprise Manager as SAML IdP with WordPress, you will need to install the miniOrange WP SAML SP SSO plugin:

Step 1: Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager as Identity Provider

Follow the steps below to configure Oracle Enterprise Manager as IdP

miniorange img Configure ADFS as IdP

  • In the miniOrange SAML SP SSO plugin, navigate to Service Provider Metadata tab. Here, you can find the SP metadata such as SP Entity ID and ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL which are required to configure the Identity Provider.
  • wordpress saml upload metadata
  • Login to your Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Console. From Side Menu Go to Identity and AccessOracle Identity Federation (OIF).
  • Select the Oracle Identity Federation dropdown from top. Go to AdministrationService  Provider.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager SSO-1
  • In the Service Provider Section, Select the SAML 2.0 tab.
  • Check Map User via NameID.
  • Under Protocol Settings, check Enable SAML 2.0 Protocol.
  • Configure the additional SAML settings.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager SSO-2 Oracle Enterprise Manager SSO-3
  • Now, Select the Oracle Identity Federation dropdown from top. Go to Administration  Security and Trust.
  • Navigate to the Provider Metadata tab.
  • Select Identity Provider in Provider Type dropdown and click generate button to download Idp metadata.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager SSO-4
  • Provide the downloaded metadata to the Service Provider application.