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Use cases supported with our SSO module

1. Windows Authentication:

    ASP.NET OAuth/JWT SSO Module has support for Integrated Windows Authentication(IWA). Integrated Windows Authentication is the preferred approach to authentication whenever users are part of the same Windows domain as the server. Users are authenticated against an existing identity store such as Active Directory which gives seamless login experience.

2. Single Sign-On (SSO) into Multiple applications:

    ASP.NET OAuth/JWT SSO Module also supports for login ( sso) into multiple application with one IdP and one set of credentials using OAuth/JWT protocol. Once the user will be logged into one of the applications, he/she will be logged into to application automatically that is no need to enter login credentials for other applications again.

3. Single Sign-On (SSO) into single custom ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core / VB.NET application:

    ASP.NET SAML SSO module helps you to add functionality for Single Sign-On (SSO) to your ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, VB.NET applications. Implementation of Single Sign On (SSO) in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, VB.NET applications will help you to protect your web application by providing authentication using your existing identity provider.

Key Features

Single Sign On

Easy and seamless access to all resources. ASP.NET Single Sign-On (SSO) via any existing OAuth 2.0/OpenID 1.0/JWT Provider

Protect Your Complete Site

You can restrict your site to only logged in users by redirecting the users to your IdP if logged in session is not found

Custom Login and Logout Links

Use your own custom login and logout urls

Attribute Mapping

Offers you to map the attributes from your IdP to your ASP.NET application

Custom Redirect URL after Login and Logout

Redirect the user after login and logout to the desired page.

Multiple Providers Supported

Support SSO with multiple OAuth 2.0/OpenID 1.0/JWT Providers

Support for all OAuth/JWT grants

Module has support for all OAuth/JWT grant types including Authorization code, Implicit, Password, Client Credentials and Refresh token grant.

Domain specific registration

Restrict the user login based on configured domains. You can allow/deny the user login based on email domain.

Plans For Everyone

  • FREE

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  • See the Free Plugin features list below

  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Basic Attribute Mapping (Username)
  • Custom Redirect URL after Login
  • Step by Step guide to setup IDP
  • Login link
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    $ 449*
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  • See the Premium Plugin features list below

  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Basic Attribute Mapping (Username)
  • Custom Attribute Mapping
  • Multiple OAuth/JWT Providers support
  • Protect Complete Site
  • Domain specific Registration
  • Support for all OAuth/JWT grants
  • Header Based Authentication
  • Cookie based Authentication
  • Advanced Attribute Mapping(Email, FirstName, LastName)
  • Custom Redirect URL after Login/Logout
  • Step by Step guide to setup IDP
  • Login link
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Steps to Configure the ASP.NET OAuth 2.0 Module

Step 1: Download and extract package.

  • Download miniOrange ASP.NET OAuth 2.0 Module.
  • For Setting up the connector, extract the, you will find a DLL file miniorange-oauth-sso.dll, a configuration file oauthsso.config and a file which contain the steps for adding the module into your application.

Step 2: Add the connector in your application.

  • Add miniorange-oauth-sso.dll in bin folder (where your other DLL files exists) for your application.
  • Register miniorangeoauthsso module in your application according to the provided steps in the file.
  • Add the provided configuration file oauthsso.config in the root directory for your application.
  • After integration open browser and browse the connector dashboard with URL below:
    https:// <your-application-base-url>/?ssoaction=config
  • If it pop up the registration page or login page, you have successfully added the miniOrange oauth sso connector for your application.
  • miniOrange oauth sso connector
  • Register or Login for configuring the connector.

Step 3: Configure miniOrange ASP.NET OAuth Client

  • Configure your OAuth/JWT Server. While configuring your OAuth/JWT server provide the Redirect/Callback URL from the OAuth/JWT Client.
  • You will get the Client ID, Client Secret, Authorize Endpoint, Access Token Endpoint, Get User Info Endpoint from your OAuth/JWT Server. You need to verify the supported scope with the OAuth/JWT Server.
  • oauthconfig
  • Fill all the required details and click on Save Configuration.

Step 4: Test Configuration

  • After saving configuration, click on the Test Configuration button to verify if you have configured correctly.
  • On successful configuration, you will get Attributes Name and Attribute Values on Test Configuration window. The below screenshot shows a successful result.
  • aouthssotestconfig

Step 5: Attribute Mapping

  • Map Attribute Names provided by your OAuth/JWT Server with your ASP.NET application Attributes given under Attribute Mapping Section and click on Save Attribute Mapping.
  • oauthssoattributemap
  • Note: All the mapped attributes will be stored in the session so that you can access them in your application.

Step 6: Integration Code

  • You can find the integration code in Integration Code tab in the connector. Just copy-paste that code snippet wherever you want to access the user attributes.
  • oauth-sso-integration-code

Step 7: Add following link in your application for Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Use the following URL as a link in your application from where you want to perform SSO:
  • For example you can use it as:
    <a href="http://base-url/?ssoaction=login”>Log in</a>"

You can configure the ASP.NET OAuth/JWT Single Sign-On (SSO) module with any OAuth/JWT Provider such as AWS Cognito, Azure AD, WHMCS, Ping Federate, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Shibboleth, WSO2 or even with your own custom oauth/JWT provider and secure your ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core / VB.NET applications by performing Single Sign-on (SSO) into them.

List of popular OAuth/JWT Providers we support

  • Azure AD
  • AWS Cognito
  • Ping Federate
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • HR Answerlink / Support center
  • WSO2
  • Wechat
  • Weibo
  • LinkedIn
  • Gitlab
  • Shibboleth
  • Blizzard (Formerly
  • servicem8
  • Meetup
  • Gluu Server


  • Amazon
  • Salesforce
  • PayPal
  • Google
  • AWS Cognito
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Yahoo
  • ADFS
  • Gigya
  • Swiss-RX-Login (Swiss RX Login)

Not able to find your IdP? Contact us at and we'll help you set up SSO with your IdP in no time.

The miniOrange ASP.NET OAuth 2.0 Connector supports C# and Visual Basic languages.

We also provide ASP.NET Single Sign-On SAML Connector.Click Here to know more.

We also provide DotNetNuke (DNN) Single Sign-On SAML Connector. Click Here to know more.

miniOrange also provides you modules for integration with legacy apps such as Active Directory, SiteMinder, Radius, Unix and so on.
miniOrange helps you for adding login/authentication into your ASP.NET site using OAuth/JWT, OpenID, ADFS, SAML and WSFED protocols.

Additional Resources:

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Not able to find your identity provider? Mail us on and we'll help you set up SSO with your IDP and for quick guidance (via email/meeting) on your requirement and our team will help you to select the best suitable solution/plan as per your requirement.

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