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About Betr Health

World's first gut health, food as medicine movement

  • Betr Health offers a variety of health and wellness service programs designed to help you improve your overall health, lose weight, and feel your best.

  • It also offers remote monitoring to provide users with the ability to monitor their progress and essential health measurements while being supported 24/7 by healthcare professionals.

  • Nutritional programs designed to meet individual dietary and routine needs, as well as meal plans and other recipes tailored to the user's individual needs and goals.

  • A wide range of articles, videos, and advice on diet, physical activity, stress management, and general health and wellbeing.

Betr Health is committed to providing a healthy environment and nurturing its clients' health. They wanted to have an innovative way to improve user identification and make it easier for users to access their wellness platform. This is where miniOrange helped Betr Health, in improving their user experience on the Betr Health platform by making the login process more simple and safe by developing a tailored solution that met all of Betr Health's specific needs.

How does miniOrange Solutions work for Betr Health Store on Shopify?

To address these challenges, miniOrange implemented a set of applications designed to cater Betr Health's specific needs and requirements as follows

SSO solution for the login process

Using miniOrange's Single Sign On‑SSO application, Betr Health's end users were able to log in to their respective Shopify accounts using their pre-existing corporate credentials, eliminating the need to use separate usernames or passwords. This made it super easy for Betr Health's end users to log in with a hassle-free solution reducing manual efforts and time consumption.

Shopify betr health integration - SSO login for login process
Shopify betr health integration - Shopify betr health User sync

SCIM solution for User Management

Betr Health automated the process of creating, updating, and deleting users from the Identity Provider (IDP) to the Shopify Store with the help of the miniOrange SCIM solution. Furthermore, the application provided the capability to synchronize orders, products, and user data in multiple directions between Betr Health's Shopify store and their react-based Wordpress website.Overall, the miniOrange SCIM solution helped Betr Health to improve its efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

miniOrange as IDP solution for authorization & authentication

The miniOrange cloud IDP service helped Betr Health in storing and verifying their end-user identification in order to facilitate SSO. It helped Betr Health in streamlining the authentication and authorisation process, improving security, user experience, and reducing the administrative effort associated with handling various application logins. Betr Health not only used miniOrange's IDP solution to SSO into their Shopify store, but also in Circle,the all-in-one community discussion forum platform for creators & brands, WordPress-based content management system and their own mobile app, ensuring a consistent and secure login experience across all devices.

Shopify betr health integration - miniorange as IDP
Shopify betr health integration - login with otp in Shopify and betr health

miniOrange's OTP Login/ Register solution for passwordless verification

In order to provide Betr Health users with a more user-friendly and secure experience, miniOrange provided Betr Health users and customers with the OTP Login/ Register application. This application enabled Betr Health users to sign up and log in without the need for a password. For end users, miniOrange provided OTP verification codes on both, their email address as well as on the phone number while employees and company personnel were able to authenticate via a combination of a phone number and a password.

Outcome (Value & Benefits)

The entire implementation of miniOrange applications for Betr Health resulted in significant improvements for its end-users, namely employees and customers & the organization as a whole in the following ways:

  • Easy login process with existing corporate credentials

  • Removal of multiple identities and passwords

  • Decreased login fatigue

  • Increased user engagement

  • Increased participation in wellness programs

  • Enhanced security

  • Hassle-Free User Management

Shopify betr health login Solution - outcomes

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